The unique advantage of round sling :
Especially suitable for loading round object
The surface of round sling is smooth, does not cause damages to tender objects loaded
Various loading methods,including dragging or pulling loaded object
High strength/weight ratio
Anti-abrasion and anti-incision protection sleeve can be attached
Light and soft , can be used in small narrow space
European standard EN1492-2:2000

Round sling has the maximum load up to 3000T , effective length up to 100m,safety factor adopted is normally 7:1 and 6:1 .

Round sling is made of high tension industrial yarn(100%PES) , the strands inside are as a form of endless cycle . The outside sleeve is also made of 100% PES ,not for the loading , but to protect the strand inside .

Round slings are the ideal solution for the safe lifting of loads, whether this is to be at your works , for loading and unloading or for use at a building site . The round slings will protect items being lifted, if the sling is damaged badly,the outside sleeve is breakage and the outside strands will go out, so the sling can not use any more . Their sturdy core and a covering layer will guarantee a long serviceable life , even when in continuous use, round slings are also repairable .