100% high tenacity polyester
Safety Factor : 5:1 6:1 7:1
Working Load Limit : 1-12T
Certificate : GS CE ISO9000
Standard : EN1492-2

Usage of Webbing sling:
When selecting a sling to carry a given load, it is important to consider the angle at which the sling is to

be used.As an example, one sling in a basket hitch or two slings attached to one crane hook are different

applications involving different sling angles.The degree of the angle will determine how much the capacity

will be reduced.Take the angle between the sling leg and the horizontal, then multiply the sling's rating by

the factor provided in the accompanying table.

The capacity of a sling will be reduced as the angle from the horizontal is reduced.In the example below,

you will see how the 1,000 pound capacity of a sling used in a vertical basket hitch is reduced:

Types of Webbing Sling Eyes

The types of eyes are in accordance with their applications in the fixed working environment, and many times

it can attach end-fittings in order to expand its usages. Users can choose the most suitable type to proceed

with the work smoothly and improve the productivity.