Heat treated for tensile strength, resistance to wear and shock absorbing capabilities.
Recognizable by the T8 embossed mark.
G80/T8 mark or mark as per request
Calibrated Load Chain
Used for – chain hoist and lever hoist and chain slings
T (8) Alloy Steel Lifting Chain

Hoist load chain are made of alloy steel in compliance with EN 818-7. The load chain is marked with T8 mark. It represents the ultimate in strength and wear resistance. The chain strap is tested (tested to 200% of vertical rated capacity) to ensure the quality and integrity of the unit. Each meter is individually serialized for traceability. The Grade 80 load chain can be used to work in environmental temperature in the range of 200 ‘ C to -40 ‘ C.

Product features

The alloy steel chain is used for chain hoist and lever hoist and chain slings . It is heat treated to increase tensile strength, resistance to wear, and to enhance the shock absorbing capabilities. It is easily recognizable by the embossed T8 mark.

Key Information