Capacity from 0.5T to 9T, Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation
Automatic double-pawl braking system
Chain guides provide smooth chain operation
Roller bearing supported load sheaves for avoiding abrasion
G80 Chain are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively
Drop forged kooks to ensure superior quallity and safety
The lever hoist static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacit one by one
The lever block is of high efficiency, fast lifting and light hand pull.
Surface finishing: Automotive painting.

Manual lever block model VA is for heavy duty use with long lasting reliability. High strength steel body and gear case are built to be durable for rugged needs of construction, mechanical and maintenance rigging. We have VA with a lifting capacity of 500 kgs to 9,000 kgs. We use grade 80 alloy steel load chains. Made with Japanese design and technology, the guide plate helps to avoid slippage of load chain during usage versus the conventional guide rollers. The top hook is used to fix the hoist to the anchor point and bottom hook is the load hook used for pulling.  Lever hoist hooks are forged heat treated steel. They are used to pull and lift loads, handling of the product is simple, widely used for Positioning or Tensioning, Pulling and lifting of a load. The products are proof load tested and supplied with a test certificate and user manual.

Product features

The manual lever hoist is a hoist effectively used for lashing and tensioning. It is made of high quality material which is light weight and ensures reliability of the product. The lever hoist with its compact design and stamped steel construction is excellent for lifting and pulling. The asbestos free brake can hold load at any desired height. The short hand lever has a rubber grip. The top and bottom hooks are attached with safety latches as per standards. With the optimal gear ratio, only a slight effort is required to operate the hand lever. The load chain can be pulled freely and easily through the hoist in both directions to attach the load or to tension the chain. The lever hoist is fitted with high grade 80 alloy load chain. It also features heat treated hooks and drop forged steel suspension. The product complies with the EC Council Directive 2006/42/EC, Machinery.

Key Information

Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This document clearly states the proof test at 1.5 times the rated capacity and the light load test of 2% of the rated capacity, which exceeds the requirements of the current applicable standard.