High-tech load chains with G80 /T8 Grade
Double pawls supports fail-safe brake mechanism
Bottom hook with thrust bearing
Tough framing
Rolled-edge hand wheel cover
Strong and least corrosive electrostatic powder painting
Load sheave with sealed roller bearing
Anchor plate avoids overlowering
Zinc plate hand chain as standard

Gear: standard international gear steel is two times as wear-resisting degree as the ordinary chain hoist rotation is more stable and hand pulling force is lighter

Chain: higher strength of the chain; adapting to suddenly overweight working condition; changing the ordinary chain hoist only vertical downward pull, fit to greater scope.

Hook: high strength enough material hook, higher safety coefficient; a new design is used in hook head to make sure the goods will not decoupling

Limit Switch: both upper and bottom hook have limit switch part prevent chain escaping to ensure security

Cover shell: it is suppressed by fine steel, solid steel pressing in the light

Body: fine design, modern and elegant and beautiful appearance; accord with human body engineering, the light machine body and activities of small interface, adapt to the environment widely

Spray: advanced spray processing technology, inside and outside are painted; it will be like a new one however you use after a long time

Components: the main components are using high quality alloy steel, implement strict size, weight inspection to ensure the performance of each part to give full play